Belarus – aNew

Belarus – aNew

Programme accompanying the 14th Edition of the “Divine Comedy” International Festival in Kraków

3-5 December 2021

Belarus – aNew is a programme accompanying the 14th edition of the “Divine Comedy” Festival. Its organizers are the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw. Belarus – aNew will feature traditional theatre performances, innovative performative readings, performances, and soundramas, as well as critical reflection on the state of contemporary Belarusian theatre and dramaturgy.

Theatre is a medium that is able – through the use of the language of art and artistic and theatrical means of expression – to present critical reflection on the surrounding reality. Suffering from repressions and tremendous pressure, Belarusian theatre – both independent, and state run – has been deprived of the possibility to act and express itself freely. The Belarusian theatre scene is currently undergoing a structural and conceptual transformation; ensembles deprived of their own place are seeking new ways of existence, means of expression, and technical solutions. Performances of the invited Polish and Belarusian artists will allow the Belarusian scene to present itself in a new context.

All events of the Belarus aNew programme will be translated into English.


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