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105’ (no intermission)

The Polish Brethren, called Arians by their opponents, operated in the 16th and 17th centuries. As a religious movement, they made the most radical demands – they wanted absolute tolerance when it comes to religion, gender and social class equality, universal access to education, and they openly adhered to pacifism. Would it be possible to revive the Arian congregation today, is there a space among us into which its system of values can be inscribed? These questions form the basis of the original play by a young playwright and director Beniamin M. Bukowski, written for six voices and six actors, taking on successive roles of the Polish Brethren and their ideological opponents. Interesting and light, despite the importance of the topics raised.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Premiered on 20 March 2021
Joanna Kuźmienko
assistant director, video
Basia Bińkowska
script, costumes
Tobiasz Sebastian Berg
Sebastian Świąder
Julia Łucja Mazur
assistant set design manager
Paulina Kondrak
Beata Paluch
Juliusz Chrząstowski/Przemysław Przestrzelski
Krystian Durman
Grzegorz Mielczarek
Łukasz Szczepanowski