Contemporary Belarusian Theatre: Visual Means in the Struggle for Freedom
90’ (no intermission)

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Speaker: dr Ksenia Kniaziewa (Kseniya Kniazeva)
Moderation: Angelika Krashevska i Irina Lappo


Contemporary European theatre employs increasingly expressive visual solutions, so this direction of research is particularly interesting. Theatre based on visual metaphors continues to capture the stages around the world and Belarus is no exception. We will ask why producers choose to forego actors and what they replace them with on stage; what is “object theatre” and which Belarusian directors work in this vein. The lecture will focus on concepts including site-specific, immersive, and promenade theatre. Through examining examples of the most interesting performances “without stage”, we will also talk about the work of prominent Belarusian directors and stage designers, the development of the “new circus” movement in Belarus and the processes of “filmification” and digitalisation in contemporary Belarusian theatre.

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