Darwin or the Children of the Evolution
Text author:
Łukasz Zaleski
150’ (no intermission)

Students of acting from the Białystok department of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw under the guidance of Magdalena Miklasz return to the figure of Charles Darwin. However, not to build a monument to the British geologist or to create his traditional biography, but to see how the world changed almost two hundred years after the famous second HMS Beagle expedition, in which Darwin took part. Their performance is a personal journey in the footsteps of a scientist, a journey into the unknown, where absolutely anything can happen. In the midst of the pandemic they, and we along with them – will come across talking monkeys, a legendary singer, and even a certain employee of what is now the defunct  Carles Darwin Museum of Natural and Less Natural History in Białystok. Not only people, but also puppets will play – after all, this is Białystok, the capital of the Polish puppet theatre.


Strobe lights are used in the performance!

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Premiered on 13 March 2021
Łukasz Zaleski
dramaturgy, music arrangement
Hanka Podraza
Magdalena Miklasz i Hanka Podraza
set design
Tomasz Citak
music arrangements
Monika Stolarska
Ewa Gajewska-Jasińska
speech technic
Magdalena Miklasz
puppet concept
Karolina Baczar, Anna Chilińska, Zbigniew Romanyk, Robert Szczebiot, Róża Turlińska
cooperation in designing and making puppets
Monika Woronicz
assistant director
Oskar Lasota
stage manager
Paula Czarnecka, Jacek Dojlidko, Tomasz Graczyk
Magdalena Duszak
Antoni Galicki
Katarzyna Hodana
Emil Gąssowski
Michał Kaszak
Anna Konieczna
Aleksandra Kossewska
Oskar Lasota
Justyna Łukasik
Aleksandra Machała
Aleksandra Sapiaska