phot. Natalia Kabanow
Marta Ziółek
Concept and choreography
Text author:
Marta Ziółek, Rob Wasiewicz, Andrzej Woźniak
50 min

A project by one of the most fascinating Polish choreographers, Marta Ziółek, it explores the intersections between the dramatic stage and the theatre of dance. This trance journey begins with rebelling, trickster gestures and the theatre of memory of individual bodies. The dancing circle becomes a space for embarking on emotions, celebrating the reign of the bodies and the reign over bodies. The hybrid stage form opens to the grotesque, and tragedy mingles with comedy. Wolne ciała / Free Bodies boom, vibrate, and resound to live percussion music. Drowned in the intensity of choreography, they give in to the space, expand the borders of their own skins, and magnify their scale. Wolne ciała / Free Bodies trigger the political power of carnal mobility flowing from the loins and the drops of sweat. We evoke a dance that haunts and transforms our bodies in the entrancing rhythm of the percussion. We are there, in the openness of experiencing, in the movement and the desire, in a sudden change of the facial expression, and in the breakdown of the language and the voice. Laughter and tears become closer. Finally, we opt for the laughter, the extravagant, irrational, and unquenched power that, to quote Nietzsche, “plays with all that was hitherto called holy, good, untouchable, divine”. The play was produced as part of the 3rd edition of “Poszerzanie pola – choreografia w Nowym Teatrze / Widening the Field – Choreography in the Nowy Theatre” project.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Lubomir Grzelak
Jacqueline Sobiszewski
Lights director
Rafał Dominik
Visualisations, drawings
Marta Szypulska
Teresa Fazan, Agata Bargiel, Andrzej Woźniak
Witek Orski
Adam Zduńczyk
Alicja Berejowska
Alicja Berejowska
Dominika Kimaty
Karolina Kraczkowska
Aleksandra Osowicz
Gieorgij Puchalski
Ana Szopa
Bruno Jasieński