Phot. Klaudyna Szubert
Marcin Liber
Text author:
Mira Marcinów
50 minutes

How to grapple with the death of a loved one, how to say the last farewells, and how to start a new life after such a traumatic experience? Inspired by Mira Marcinów’s book, winner of the Passport Award from Polityka weekly, Marcin Liber’s play is neither and lament over the departed mother nor a theatrical reprocessing of the mourning through the theatre. Strangely enough, it is a tender tale glistening with all the colours of life, brimming with bitter wit that at times comes sharp as a razor. The relationship between the mother and the daughter in no way does remind of the traditional parent – child relationship, as it is based on partnership that may at times not be easy at all. The accomplished actresses, Katarzyna Tlałka and Maja Pankiewicz, gave the story its second depth. They play as if they didn’t play at all but shared the most intimate details with us. They makeBezmatek / Motherlessness grab you even stronger by the heart. On top of that comes live music performed by consummate guitarist Adam Witkowski.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Marcin Liber
Adam Witkowski
Live music and choir
Katarzyna Tlałka
Maja Pankiewicz