Paradise. Flooded
Text author:
Thomas Köck
translation: Jacek Kaduczak
100’ (no intermission)

After the performance, we invite you to a meeting with the creators, led by Katarzyna Niedurny.


The "Climate Trilogy" by the Austrian writer of the young generation, Thomas Köck, has been recognized as the most important German-language drama in recent years, and its author has been awarded the prestigious Kleist Prize. Grzegorz Jaremko staged the first part of this trilogy in the Studio, presenting it as a story dense with meanings about the constant crisis of humanity. A crisis that some call development.
We are in 19th century Brazil during the rubber boom, we observe a modern family obsessed with getting rich but working in appalling conditions, we also see a world after a climate catastrophe, drowning in rubbish. This is called the apocalypse. Together with the actors of the Studio Theatre, we sail through the magma of words, not knowing where they will lead us. And we appreciate Grzegorz Jaremko, one of the most interesting directors of the youngest generation, because with a cruelly amusing spectacle “Paradise Flooded” he often formulates a completely new language of the stage narration, which is unlike any other.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Premiered on 29 May 2021
Natalia Mleczak
set design and costumes
Bartosz Dziadosz
Agnieszka Kryst
Marek Kozakiewicz
Marek Kozakiewicz
lighting design
Justyna Pankiewicz
production manager
Maria Lejman-Kasz
stage manager
Anna Gołębiowska, Hanna Siewińska, Magdalena Zaremba
assistant production
Natalia Rybicka
Paweł Smagała
Mateusz Smoliński
Ewelina Żak
Marta Zięba
Agnieszka Kryst
Marcin Pempuś