Barbara Regondi

Performances at the Boska Komedia:

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Jury member, programmer, and organiser of theatre festivals and various interdisciplinary cultural projects. A graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Music, and Performing Arts at the University of Bologna, in 1985–1991, she worked at the Centre for Theatre Research and Experimentation in Pontedera, where she met many theatre celebrities of world renown, notably Thierry Salmon, Jerzy Grotowski, and Joseph Chaikin. At the time, she also worked for the Santarcangelo Festival, Volterrateatro Festival, and Premio Riccione TTV Festival. From 1994 to June 2023, she worked for the Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (ERT), where she directed the VIE Festival, an international festiwal focused on contemporary theatre and dance, and was responsible for ERT’s productions as she managed projects run by artists from Italy and the world around.