Jacek Cieślak

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A theatre and music critic, he stands at the helm of the culture department at the Rzeczpospolita, a daily he has worked for since 1992. He has published in Teatr monthly, and laid the foundations for the first Polish private theatre festival at IMKA Theatre in Warsaw. Member of the juries of Konrad Swinarski Prize and Aleksander Zelwerowicz Prize. Author of several thousand works on theatre, music, books, and cultural life. As Jacek Pomorski he published a novel entitled Praskie święta radości, czyli zasada Don Giovanniego (2021, PiW), which was published in Czechia as Pražské svátky radosti (2022) by Novela Bohemica, and as a podcast of Prague’s Divadlo pod Palmovkou on Spotify and SoundCloud. He is a graduate of the Theatre Studies Department of the Warsaw Academy of Theatre.