phot. Klaudyna Szubert
Jerzy Zoń
Text author:
Jerzy Zoń
60 minutes

This year the KTO Theatre celebrates its 45th birthday, and characteristic of the KTO, it does it with a production that is at least inadequate for the occasion, as it has nothing in common with accolades and praise, which in no way means that it would not fit the style of the drama produced by Jerzy Zoń, the founder and boss of the theatre. Even as it is inspired by Et in Arcadia Ego, a poem by Tadeusz Różewicz, Arcadia continues almost without words. A haphazard group of people on the stage return to the place where they used to be, and they used to sit in the same benches. Now they reopen the enchanted circle of life and death to get accustomed to death, and all that in the rhythm of the everyday rituals. The production is only 57’, which is long enough to tell the story of the entire life treated as a prelude for death, an introduction to eternity. The magnetic play shows the power of KTO’s acting, while hoovering over the stage is the question about the Arcadia in the title. What is it? Does it exist?

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Jerzy Zoń
Music director
Eryk Makohon
Choreographer, movement director
Michał Warmusz
“Viva la arcadia” composer
Janusz Grzywacz
Arrangement of Rezerwa
Marek Braun, Jerzy Zoń
Jolanta Łagowska-Braun, Elżbieta Kwasek
Magdalena Dymsza
Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa
Marta Zoń
Aleksander Kopański
Tomasz Łukawski
Franciszek Muła
Szymon Pater
Mieszko Syc