Krzysztof Zygucki
Text author:
Wera Makowskx

In January 2015, two armed assailants stormed into the Paris offices of the satirical magazine „Charlie Hebdo”. They arrived to settle scores with people who mocked the Prophet Muhammad and published his caricatures. The tragedy that unfolded also claimed the attackers as victims. The events shook France and the world, yet Emanuel Carrère, a French writer who at the time was cut off from the world in Vipassana retreat, was unaware that his friends had been killed, and France was engulfed in street protests. He later recounted these developments in his autobiographical Yoga. The story and developments around this particular for of joke inspired the creatives to reflect on humour as such and its boundaries. A theatrical reconstruction of the events is a variation on the theme of what the cartoonists were allowed to joke about and what could have amused the attackers who targeted the „Charlie Hebdo” cartoonists.

Krzysztof Zygucki is a third-year student at the Department of Directing and Dramaturgy at the AST Kraków. He holds a degree in law from the Jagiellonian University and in philosophy from the University of Padua. He was an assistant to Michał Zadara for the diploma performance Oresteia. A member of the Synergy Collective and the Dramaturgy Workshop at the AST. Cooperating with the Goethe Institute, he organised “Kobiece teksty dla teatru” (“Female Texts for Theatre) event at the AST in May 2022, and a panel of performative readings of the Dramaturgy Workshop during the 12th Forum of Young Theatre Directors.


Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Wera Makowskx
dramaturgy and music
Anna Paruszyńska-Czacka, Nina Potapowicz, Marcin Kalisz, Bartosz Gomoła, Maciej Kamiński, Michał Meller, Denis Kudijenko