I will exit the forest, straighten up and my back will become my sword
Barbara Songin
Text author:
translation: Małgorzata Buchalik

//stage reading//Belarus – aNew//

Polish premiere


The drama is a poetic feminist reflection on the female element that determined the peaceful nature of Belarusian protests. It talks about the post-traumatic syndrome experienced today by the entire Belarusian society: those who are in prison, those who have been tortured, those who try to pretend nothing had happened, and those who stay awake at night  trying to control panic attacks... WIEDUNKI is neither
a collective nor an artistic group. They are women, artists, friends who came together in order to read, sing and tell this moving text through music. Each of them follows their own creative path, and sometimes these paths intertwine in common activities.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Reading and music: WIEDUNKI
(Justyna Jary, Paula Kinaszewska, Helena Matuszewska, Barbara Songin)