A Safe Place
Text author:
Piotr Froń
60’ (no intermission)

It started even before the pandemic. Four students under the guidance of Marcin Wierzchowski were preparing an exam performance, trying to answer the question of who the hero of our times was and how to show him or her on stage. This is how an etude about the generation of contemporary catastrophists was born. It turned out to be so comprehensive that it could become a starting point for a full performance in which, together with the two protagonists, we are looking for an escape from today's world of fears and uncertainty, we are looking for a safe place in this world and in ourselves. A catastrophic spectacle and a scenic meditation on extremely difficult times in one hour-long performance.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Premiered on 7 May 2021
Piotr Froń
Michał Lazar
Monika Weis
stage manager
Kinga Bobkowska
Adam Borysowicz