Divya Bhatia

Performances at the Boska Komedia:

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Producer, curator, and director of festivals that combine projects from various arts. Since 2008, he has run the Jodhpur RIFF Festival, focused on the music of the roots and gathering over 350 musicians from Rajasthan and around the world each time. The RIFF is a non-profit initiative supporting traditional artists from Rajasthan. Another of his projects involving with the music of the roots, yet this time produced by a younger generation, is his work with the SAZ collective, i.e., Sadiq, Asin, and Zakir Khan Langa. He serves as their artistic mentor and producer of all their recordings and performances. Promoting music from India, he works with various institutions, festivals, and agencies from all over the world, notably from Portugal, Australia, Finland, China, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. He has directed major theatres and festivals in Mumbai, also when it was still known as Bombay for years and is considered an ambassador of Indian theatre worldwide.