Jakub Skrzywanek
Autor tekstu:
Jakub Skrzywanek, Paweł Dobrowolski
Czas trwania:
100 minutes

The last hours of life of the dying Pope, the last throes of a human in the tightest close up possible. The decomposition of the human body, the catching of breath, attempts at ingestion. The dying of a human, and not the majesty of the Church’s representative on the earth, followed by the procedures on an old man’s dead body portrayed in meticulous detail. Jakub Skrzywanek with dramatist Paweł Dobrowolski reconstruct the moments we remember from live TV coverage from the late March and the first days of April 2005, even if in fact we had no access to those. Today, thanks to the theatre, we are made to face death stripped of the sublime, portrayed in the most natural detail. And surrounded by the soulless inconsiderateness of the church luminaries surrounding John Paul II. Do they reflect the cold mechanism of the church institution? This shocking production by one of the most important Polish directors of the young generation has nothing of journalism, it does not review the pontificate or form any judgement whatsoever. However, it is hard to shake off the impression that saying farewells to the Polish pope once again, it shows the death of a great myth of the Catholic Church, at least in the form we have remembered it from those days.

Sekcja Biała strzałka w prawo
Paweł Dobrowolski
Agata Skwarczyńska
Paula Grocholska
Karol Nepelski
Agnieszka Kryst
Rafał Paradowski, Luba Gorobiuk
Video projections
Agata Skwarczyńska
Lights director
Barbara Krasińska
Monika Roszko
Kornelia Trawkowska
Mariusz Adamski
Alan Al-Murtatha
Piotr B. Dąbrowski
Piotr Kaźmierczak
Jakub Papuga
Andrzej Szubski
Bogdan Żyłkowski