Paweł Harańczyk
Karol Miękina
Wojciech Kiwacz
Lights director
Artur Świetny
Autor tekstu:
Ziemowit Szczerek
Czas trwania:
120 minutes

Quite likely the world’s first drama about President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. When he was an actor, he knew comedies were his oyster as had the rare capacity of making the audience laugh. As the President of Ukraine, he not only became the leader of his country at a time when it is put to a grave test of war but also of the whole free world. A superhero capable of overcoming any evil. In the macabre grotesque production, President Z will stand up to his own identity as an actor, politician, and a Russian speaking Jew. The text is a work of Ziemowit Szczerek, a consummate reporter and disruptive writer, who has never hidden his extremely emotional attitude to Ukraine, whose breadth and width he has visited. The production portrays not only Zelensky but also his and our environment. Featuring: Kyiv Spectre, Putin Double, and a Polish artist Hołodzimierz with all the traits of the Polish nation. And all that in a bravado politically incorrect spectacle with Ukrainian songs and dances. One of the greatest hits of the theatre season in Poland, the play has been invited to Ukraine with a promise that President Zelensky himself will see it. May it be soon.

Sekcja Biała strzałka w prawo
Łukasz Błażejewski
Sets and costumes
Michał Felek Felczak
Katarzyna Krzanowska
Sławomir Sulej,
Karol Śmiałek
Jacek Stefanik
Piotr Sieklucki
Stanisław Iwanicki
Kostya Mayorov
Volodymyr Ryga