fot. Klaudyna Szubert
Wiktor Bagiński
Czas trwania:
50 minutes

At last year’s Boska Komedia / Divine Comedy Festival, the young director Wiktor Bagiński presented Serce / The Heart he produced at the TR Warszawa. With his career gaining momentum, he returns to the Kraków festival with a new project, remaining faithful to his experience and interests. The foundation of Narodziny wrogości / The Birth of Hostility is the question who the “Negro” is. Who “Negro” was for Jünger and Borowski, and who they are today – for me, for us? The Negro is a contemporary symbol of the Other. The “Other” is an area of the forgotten or suppressed spirituality that we incessantly exorcise from our world stripped of magic. This spirituality makes us laugh, embarrasses, and inspires with fear yet at the same time is an object of ineffectively quenched desires. That is why a Negro becomes a form of fixation which overpowered the white protagonists of David Wark Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation film from 1915, a work considered racist as it extolled the operation of Ku Klux Klan providing a turning point in the history of the cinema. Today the “Negro” is also a homosexual, a Muslim, a woman in a headscarf, an Arab, a refugee, and a Jew. They all played a defence function. Developed for many months, the project premiered at this year’s Malta Festival. Now time has come for the Kraków premiere.

Sekcja Biała strzałka w prawo
Wiktor Bagiński
Anna Oramus
Bartek Prosuł
Natan Berkowicz
Video projections
Weronika Janosz, Alan Al-Murtatha, Adam Borysowicz, Paweł Charyton