Piotr Froń, Marek Idzikowski
Czas trwania:
16.00 - 21.00

Piotr Froń originally intended his project Dom. Plan sytuacyjny / Home. Situational plan for the online and broke it into 12 episodes. In each, the online viewer/reader visits a Warsaw home to get to know it better and also to get to know its inhabitants. Audience at the festival will have a literal opportunity of entering a home presented as a sonic and spatial installation. The sets were designed by the protagonist of Dom 1 / Home 1, Marek Idzikowski. He returns to his familiar space six months after having moved out. He discusses the home you never throw anything out of with parents, sister, and grandmother. They recall the moments spent together, the completed and abandoned plans and dreams, and – perhaps the most important – the ordinary pleasure drawn from being together. We will be guided around the house by the voices of Ewa Dałkowska, Jan Sobolewski, and Anna Kozłowska.

Home. Situational plan hypertext was completed as part of an artistic scholarship from the City of Warsaw. The whole text of the play can be found at dom.nowyteatr.org

Sekcja Biała strzałka w prawo
Piotr Froń
Marek Idzikowski
Ewa Dałkowska, Jan Sobolewski, Anna Kozłowska
Antoni Rylke, Michał Lazar