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Gdzie gramy: Teatr Łaźnia Nowa
Kiedy gramy: 07.12.2022 — 20:00
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Jan Jeliński
Autor tekstu:
Jan Jeliński
Czas trwania:
120 minutes

The creatives make us believe that the figure of Ludwig II of Bavaria, King of Bavaria enveloped multiple personalities, stories, and lives – the Fairy Tale King, the mad king, the Swan King, the pacifist king. Therefore, they mix them in the cauldron of the drama, themselves curious of what is going to come out from that, to what degree his life belongs to history and to what – to our times. Therefore, they mix history with the present, making theatre at the interconnection of those two realms. Ludwig is populated with figures from his time, notably Richard Wagner and Princess Sissi, yet the whole carries an extremely valid message. For the play touches on anti-Semitism, pressure connected to the fulfilment of the roles assigned by the community, pursuits of own identity, and construction of a utopia to remedy the oppressive world surrounding you.

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