The club
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120’ (no intermission)

"This is a kind of a club.


In Swedish, “klubben”
 It’s important that it’s in Swedish
Cause we remind you that we’re in Stockholm,
In a very Swedish Sweden.
It is important, you know, that we are not in Poland at all” – say the protagonists of the play “The Club”. The performance is based on Matilda Gustavsson's reportage on the sexual scandal at the Swedish Academy and was inspired by the initiative of female students of the Warsaw Theatre Academy, who wanted to take a closer look at the mechanisms of sexual violence and exclusion. Young actresses invited director Weronika Szczawińska to join their collective. The whole was created on the basis of equal cooperation of all the creators, without taking into account the master-student or director-actor relationship.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Premiered on 26 June 2021
Justyna Czechowska
Marta Szypulska
Teoniki Rożynek
Dobrawa Borkała
co-authorship of the stage concept, therapeutic consultations and work with the breath
Marta Szypulska
Agnieszka Zajk-Tworkowska
production manager
Marta Szlasa-Rokicka
assistant director
Julia Biesiada, Julia Borkowska, Maria Kozłowska, Katarzyna Lis, Adrianna Malecka, Magdalena Sildatk, Bernadetta Statkiewicz, Monika Szufladowicz, Helena Urbańska, Emilia Walus
concept cooperation
Katarzyna Renes
coordination of the “Change-Now” project
Agata Adamiecka, Vanessa Coffey
consultation within the project
Monika Przespolewska
Julia Biesiada
Julia Borkowska
Maria Kozłowska
Katarzyna Lis
Adrianna Malecka
Magdalena Sildatk
Bernadetta Statkiewicz
Monika Szufladowicz
Helena Urbańska
Emilia Walus