ALTE HAJM / OLD HOUSE / אַלטע היים / סטאַרי דאָם
fot. Monika Stolarska
ALTE HAJM / OLD HOUSE / אַלטע היים / סטאַרי דאָם
Marcin Wierzchowski
Text author:
Michael Rubenfeld, Marcin Wierzchowski
122 min. (1 przerwa)

Marcin Wierzchowski won the Boska Komedia / Divine Comedy Festival with The Secret Life of the Friedmans with Kraków’s Ludowy Theatre several years ago. This time he embarks on the subject of the difficult Polish–Jewish relations, marked with the returning demons of the blood shed in the shared past. For generations, two families – the Kuszes and Dobrowolskis – have stayed in the same house. As a member of one of them is having a birthday party, all we need is to wait for the spectres to sit down by the common table and see the forgotten skeletons finally falling out from the cupboards. The play, produced in close cooperation with Michael Rubenfeld (playing one of the characters), speaks of the most painful matters in the convention of the mainstream theatre – noble, and yet mainstream. At times, it downright verges on a soap opera to burst out into a series of unexpected combinations later. The fortes are powerful, sometimes accusatory roles of (mostly young) actors of the Nowy. Some moments follow the convention of Wojtek Smarzowski’s uncompromising films, yet the whole is understandable not only for the Polish audiences.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Magdalena Mucha
Sets and costumes
Marta Zalewska
Aneta Jankowska
Movement director
Mateusz Czuchnowski
Video projections
Szymon Kluz
Lights director
Dorota Abbe
Weronika Asińska
Aneta Jankowska (gościnnie)
Maria Rybarczyk
Małgorzata Walenda
Martyna Zaremba-Maćkowska
Sebastian Grek
Paweł Hadyński
Andrzej Niemyt
Dariusz Pieróg
Dawid Ptak
Jan Romanowski
Michael Rubenfeld (gościnnie)