fot. Klaudyna Szubert
Zofia Gustowska
Text author:
Virginia Woolf
60 minutes

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction” Virginia Woolf wrote nearly a hundred years ago. A collective composed of the director Zofia Gustowska and actors Katarzyna Osińska and Daniel Malchar re-examines the claims of the author of The Waves and her path to articulate them, at the top of their voices and against the limitations binding at her time. What does Virginia Woolf's attitude contribute today, and do her words and thoughts find a fertile ground? Everything has been achieved, or perhaps not at all, and we are still at best midway on our road? Own Room brings together the perspective elicited from Wolf's essays and her personal life, which she shared with Leonard. They were both sensitive, they were both writers, and – eager to be close to each other – they hurt each other mercilessly. We are inside the house, the echoes of war can be heard in the distance, yet the external world has no access to this place. Starting with Virginia Woolf, the production provokes the discovery whether every one of us has an own room, and what we understand by that. Does it bring in an option for personal expression and manifesting freedom, or perhaps that freedom is threatened today, especially in the case of women? Or perhaps we have given up the fight for our own rooms, or we cautiously lock them up with a key?


Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Maria Gustowska
Natalia Kozłowska
Sets and costumes
Maciej Hanusek
Lights director, Assistant director
Wojciech Siwik
Natan Berkowicz
Wojciech Siwik
Jurgita Zaikauskas
Stage manager
Magdalena Osińska
Daniel Malchar