Comedy. Uncle Vanya
Text author:
Antoni Czechow
135’ (no intermission)
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After the performance, we invite you to a meeting with the creators, led by Magdalena Piekarska.


Antoni Chekhov stubbornly repeated that he wrote comedies and did not hide his dissatisfaction when the audience did not burst out laughing on a regular basis during the premieres of his plays. Antoni Chekhov would be delighted to watch Jędrzej Piaskowski's performance at the Zagłębie Theatre in Sosnowiec. The young director turned “Uncle Vanya” into a proper comedy, he even – lest anyone have any doubts – included the genre classification in the title. So it is funny, at times ghastly funny, let's just say that in the Sosnowiec show, the servant is also a … hen walking on the stage. The characters' dilemmas take on the dimension of a grotesque struggle, but they do not bring them even a millimetre closer to their dreamed “better” life. After all, is a life here and now possible at all?
After the huge success of “On the Niemen”, produced at the Osterwa Theatre in Lublin and shown at last year's Divine Comedy Festival, Jędrzej Piaskowski and playwright Hubert Sulima are again taking a third path – between useless conservatism and hermetic modernity.

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Premiered on 11 June 2021
Hubert Sulima
dramaturgy and text editing
Anna Met
set design and costumes
Jacek Sotomski
Monika Stolarska
Katarzyna Giżyńska
stage manager
Ewa Żurawiecka
Maria Bieńkowska
Maria Wojnicka
Ryszarda Bielicka-Celińska
Niania Maryna
Beata Deutschmann
Joanna Połeć
Mirosława Żak
Aleksander Blitek
Michał Astrow
Kamil Bochniak
Ilja Tielegin
Przemysław Kania/Tomasz Kocuj
Aleksander Sierebriakow
Tomasz Muszyński
Iwan Wojnicki