ME TOO – and what then?


Host: Katarzyna Janowska


The question of violence in the theatre became one of the main divides between the people of the theatre in the season that is now coming to a close. Everyone unanimously recognised that there is no space for violence-based behaviours in professional relationships. In parallel, doubts and questions that still require reflection and call for discussion have emerged. Who capitalises on the trauma of the victims, and how? How does the mechanism of retaliation, and even lynching of those suspected of improper practices develop? Some relativise that subject and mention theatrical custom, work with emotions and the practice of stepping beyond your comfort zone, while others radicalise it and demand that observers and experts in psychology are introduced to rehearsals. Did the heated debate that started at the beginning of the year bring a qualitative change? Has it helped in discussing such difficult subjects? Or perhaps it is worth expanding the definition of contemporary pathologies, looking for the sources of violence, and considering the mechanisms of various forms of cultural and custom-related extremism?

Section Biała strzałka w prawo