Memoirs of a Red Army Officer
Text author:
based on a novel by Sergiusz Piasecki
100’ (no intermission)

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Sergiusz Piasecki – a Polish writer from Lachowicze, smuggler, spy, tireless adventurer, and collector of tremendously true stories. His émigré novel, “Memoirs of a Red Army Officer”, describes the events of WWII unfolding in the Vilnius and Grodno regions. His work is considered a sharp satire depicting the mentality of a Soviet soldier – a follower of a powerful ideology, a citizen of a new, great state – ­ in grotesque tones. But what would happend if we took a closer look at the main character? Mishka Zubov is just an ordinary man, thirsty for all forms of life and helpless in the face of his own destiny. What is the fate of such people? And what do they bring into the world? Piasecki depicts a dark and contradictory era with characteristic black humour. It will be fun and painful, we promise.

The result of artist residence of the Independent Theatre Group Kupałowcy, in Radziejowice and in Gardzinice.


performance in Belarusian, with Polish and English subtitles

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